Accident with a rented car: what to do?

Accident with a rented car: what to do?

While driving a vehicle, you can only be responsible for your own actions. It is only possible to predict the maneuvers of other road users if everyone strictly observes the rules of the road. Any non-standard situation on the road can lead to an accident. What to do if you are involved in an accident with a rented car ?

Damage compensation procedure

The lease agreement, which is signed by the driver and the lessor company, specifies the responsibilities of the parties in the event of an accident. A company that provides vehicles for temporary use must take out insurance for each car. The lessor is also responsible for the complete maintenance of the machine, including overhaul.

The lessee receives a serviceable insured vehicle. In the event of an accident, it is he who is at the wheel of the vehicle and, therefore, is responsible for it. Is it so? Is he obliged to compensate for the damage caused to the car?

The tenant is not to blame for the accident

The rented vehicle has an insurance policy. In the event that an accident occurred through no fault of the driver, it is necessary to obtain compensation from the insurance company:

  • correctly draw up documents on road accidents with the involvement of a GPS inspector;
  • notify the lessor of the incident;
  • timely transfer a package of documents drawn up at the scene of the accident.

The accident happened due to the fault of the tenant

Negligence, unfavorable road conditions, and other reasons can cause an accident. No one is immune from emergencies. In the event that an accident occurred due to the fault of the tenant, the procedure is the same as in the previous case. Car repair is the responsibility of the insurance company. The driver is responsible for the amount of the deposit, which serves as a deductible and is transferred to the insurance company.

Before signing a lease agreement, the lessee should carefully read all of its points, including the description of the accident case. Each company that leases vehicles prescribes special requirements for compensation for damage for a damaged car.

Some of the details of the contract that the tenant should pay attention to:

  • full or partial withholding of the security deposit;
  • withholding funds from the security deposit to pay for vehicle downtime during repairs;
  • Bail claims are made regardless of the driver’s fault;
  • if the car cannot be restored, the deposit will not be refunded.

Driver’s actions in case of an accident with a rented car

Strict observance of traffic rules, careful driving are the main conditions to avoid Accidents with a rented car . TopRent urges its customers to clarify all emergency issues before signing a lease.

Many problems can be avoided if the documents for Accidents on the rented car are correctly drawn up. Algorithm of driver actions:

  1. Do not panic, pull yourself together and call the GPS.
  2. The insurance company pays compensation only if there is a certificate of an accident.
  3. Do not touch anything at the accident site. There are no trifles for an objective description of the insured event.
  4. Be completely honest and warn the landlord in a timely manner about an emergency.
  5. Do not carry out any repairs yourself.
  6. Attempts to “negotiate” to repair the car on their own, without warning the lessor – all these actions are contrary to the contract.

Stay calm if there is An accident with a rented car , and proceed according to the established procedure. Only in this case you will be able to get out of this situation with minimal losses.