Questions and answers

How do I transfer the car to the customer?
How is the return of the vehicle to the rental company?

what the technical condition of the leased car? What guarantees that it will not break down during rental?

insured cars?

I am a citizen of another state I rent a car?

do I Need to leave a Deposit (Deposit) – Deposit for leased car?

Can I get a car if I am under 22 years of my driving experience less than 2 years?

Can I travel in a rented car outside the region?

Can I get car hours of your service?

I want to book the car how to do?

How to extend the rental?

We want to return the car early is there a penalty?

How to cancel a reservation for a rental car?

is there a daily mileage limit when renting a car?

You may submit the car to me at the right place?

Can you pick up or drop off a car at the airport or train and bus station?

The car crashed during rental, what to do and who pays for it?

What must be done in an accident?