Rental conditions

Tenant requirements:

– Age at least 21 years (for all makes of cars, except premium);
– Driving experience from 2 years (for all makes of cars, except premium).

Required original documents:

– Passport (internal / for citizens of Ukraine), residence permit;
– Passport (foreign / for citizens of foreign countries);
– Driver’s license valid in the territory of Ukraine, the established sample, according to the legislation of Ukraine;
– Identification code (for citizens of Ukraine);

Territory of use and mileage limitation:

– the use of a rented car is possible throughout the territory of Ukraine (except for the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk region, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and also 30 km from these regions);
– Mileage limit in our company – DOES NOT EXIST. There is a prepaid mileage reserve, which is included in the tariff in accordance with the selected period – 350 km (for premium cars – 300 km) per day (total mileage is summed up, for the entire rental period), let’s launch 10 days = 10 * 350 km = 3500 km for 10 days;
– In case of excess mileage, each kilometer is paid additionally according to the company’s tariffs; </ span>

Pledge / Deposit:

– Pledge (a deposit, deductible) is paid by the tenant when signing the contract (cash or personal credit card);
– The amount of the deposit depends on the brand of the rented car and is listed on the fleet page;
– The refund of the deposit is made at the time of transfer of the car to the lessor when the conditions of the contract are fulfilled;
– The deposit is paid both in cash and cashless form;
– The amount of the deposit depends on the brand of the rented car and is listed on the fleet page;

Payment options:

– in cash;
– with a Visa / Mastercard;
– At the expense of the company / physical. entrepreneur, without VAT, with VAT;
– Full 100% prepayment for the entire rental period;

Car issue / return:

– In the office of TopRent during working hours  – for free !!!;
– Delivery / pick-up of a car in another place (railway station, bus station, airport, location / address specified by the client – paid service;
– Issue / reception of a car after hours – the service is paid;
– Issue or reception of a car on public holidays, the service is paid;
– The car is issued exclusively in its pure form and with a full tank of fuel;
– When returning the car in a dirty form and not a full tank of fuel, the deposit to the tenant will be returned only after washing, refueling and inspecting the car and deducting these services according to the agreement / acceptance certificate of the car;


– All cars are insured under MTPL (compulsory third-party liability insurance);
– CASCO (voluntary car insurance);
– All cars are issued only with a pledge;

Additional conditions:

is a prerequisite for the provision of car rental services: payment of collateral and full prepayment for the entire agreed period;
– it is prohibited to use the car in sports competitions, to tow any other vehicles or travel with a trailer, as a taxi (private transport), as well as for training and transportation of oversized cargo and animals;
– the minimum rental period is two days (48 hours). It is allowed to return the car with a delay of 2 hours from the time agreed on in the act. Exceeding the specified limit is paid additionally as per 1 day of car rental;
– when driving on a rented vehicle, strict compliance with traffic regulations is mandatory in order to ensure maximum safety for the client;

Company rates :

– GPS-navigator (on demand) for free;
– Wi-Fi router $ 2 per day;
– Baby car seat (if avilable) – FREE
– Issue / return after hours, at the office of the company $ 10-30;
– Issuance / return of a car outside the office during off-hours $ 30-40;
– Delivery / return of a car within the city during business hours of $ 25;
– Delivery / return of a car to a public holiday $ 5-30;
– Issuance / return of a car at the Boryspil airport during working hours of $ 30;
– Issue / return of a car at the airport Kiev (Zhuliany) / Railway station / in Kiev during working hours $ 25;
– Issue / reception of a car in another city, individually;

You can book a car:

– Via the order form on the TopRent website;
– By calling +380675034444 or writing to us in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegramm, Messenger, Instagramm;
– Writing us on @mail;
– Directly at the company’s office;