Benefits of 3D imaging when viewing a car

Benefits of 3D imaging when viewing a car

If you want to use the car rental service, then you have just opened our site. TopRent provides a wide range of brands of modern cars of various classes, so it will be easy for you to find a car that fully meets your requirements.
Car rental is a fairly popular service in Ukraine, used by thousands of people. Our company provides the most popular car rental brands and we are constantly working to optimize our service to our valued customers.
Today we offer you a very useful option when pre-ordering a car – this is a convenient opportunity to view the entire car in 3D.

Make a selection

Our site provides a variety of functionalities for the effective search for the desired car:

  • You can browse the classes, which contain data about various cars of economy class, middle class, business class or search for the model you need among premium cars, among SUVs or minivans;
  • You can also set the desired auto parameters in the filter – body type and gearbox, number of seats, drive, fuel type and fuel consumption ;
  • When opening a page with a description of a particular car you like, you must read the rental conditions, brief information about technical parameters and look through photos that inform you in more detail about the external condition and equipment of the car.

Agree that previewing and ordering a certain car is much more convenient to do remotely, sitting on a soft couch, than walking around a huge fleet, opening the doors of numerous cars, looking at control panels and checking the state of the interior … That is why, for the greater convenience of our valued customers, we have introduced the function of viewing a 3D picture of a car offered for rent.

How it works

Let’s try on the example of a page of one of the most popular cars MAZDA 3 2017 ( to understand exactly how to see the smallest details in our 3D photos.

  • On the left side of the page, as you can see, there are photos of the Mazda 3, which you can flip through to form a general opinion about this car. A gallery of car images is inserted under the main photo, and the first two pictures are 3D images of the car.
  • Click on the first picture (it shows an ellipse with the inscription 3600), a photo of the car’s appearance will open in full screen. When you move the cursor over the photo, the image also moves, and you can view the car from all sides, make sure its excellent condition – full headlights, no scratches on the body, “native” tires and caps, the presence of mirrors, wipers, etc. You have the opportunity to carefully inspect the car in 3D, it is much more convenient and practical than flipping through a photo. After all, you can take a picture of the car exclusively from the optimal angle so that it looks as good as possible. The three-dimensional image shows you all angles at once, as if you are personally bypassing a car in the real world right now.
  • The second picture works the same way, except that now you need to click on the left mouse button (as when viewing Google or Yandex maps) and drag the cursor in the direction that you decided to examine in more detail – the rear seats of a car or a control panel, driver’s seat, etc. You can make sure that you have all seat belts, space for a child seat, view the instruments on the panel and understand how the declared technical parameters correspond to the actual state of affairs.

Benefits of 3D

When viewing 3D images, there is a full sense of personal presence, so you can easily grasp even the smallest details, being at a decent distance from the object.
A 3D picture of a car offered for short or long term rent will help you make the right choice without leaving your home. Having made a preliminary order, you can be sure that this particular car will be left with you until you arrive to sign the rental agreement.
Take advantage of the new option to take a closer look at the selected machine in order to make the best choice before making a final decision. The 3D image guarantees the objectivity of the descriptions, and you can see for yourself.