Deposit when renting a car

Deposit when renting a car

In order to easily and simply solve everyday issues, you need a car, sometimes your own vehicle breaks down, but in order to use someone else’s car, you need to pay a deposit when renting a car, to guarantee its return, as well as your own honest intentions and responsibility.

What is bail?

The pledge is property, that is, money that one party gives to the other and can freely use the services or item. The deposited deposit guarantees the return of the property taken, as well as the preservation of its integrity or covers the costs of restoration.

Why do I need a deposit when renting a car

It is worth knowing that a deposit when renting a car is made in order to make the driver of the vehicle as responsible as possible for the actions and leased property. When paying a security deposit, a person guarantees the return of the car in the form in which he took it, in case of damage, the security amount remains to the owner for repair work, but it is important to note that if the amount of damage is less than the amount paid, the difference is returned to the party harmed.

It is very important to read it carefully before signing the lease agreement, as well as ask all your questions. The company can also return an incomplete part of the franchise for failure to comply with the clauses of the contract, for example: 

  • car return without a filled tank;
  • return in a dirty and untidy condition;
  • repair of accessories or other things that could be damaged by the client;
  • damage to the integrity of the car interior.

Is it worth renting a car without a deposit

If you think that it is possible to rent a car, the deposit for which is not paid and the responsibility for the actions taken will not come, you are very mistaken. Since many companies are making a publicity stunt and announcing the possibility of renting a car without making a franchise, but no one says that the rental price increases several times, and in case of an accident, a person will have to pay the maximum amount that is prescribed in the contract.

In any case, the party that rented a car is responsible for it and will pay for its damage and damage, since it signs a contract where this item is indicated.

Advantages of a deposit when renting a car

It is better to entrust your own life and financial well-being to Toprent, since we have transparent terms of the deal and correct wording in the contract.

If a person leases a car, then, based on the chosen car brand and rental time, they indicate the maximum cost of the franchise. Having paid a specific amount, the client understands that even if the car is damaged, no more money will be charged from him.

It is important to note that all cars in the Top Rent fleet are insured under CASCO and OSAGO.

Car rental and deposit options

In our company, simple car rental, deposit is made at the time of signing the contract, as well as discussing all the nuances of the lease.

To become the owner of a rented car, you must have at least two years of driving experience. There are also age restrictions, renting is possible only from the age of 21.

In order to sign a contract, you must have with you:

  • passport;
  • driver’s license;
  • TIN.

Arriving at the office, you must provide the original documents, as well as indicate which car and for what period will be rented. Qualified employees of our company will calculate the rental cost and the security deposit, you can also see the cost of the car franchise on the company’s website in advance.

You can deposit a franchise in cash, it is also possible to transfer funds to a bank account. After the expiration of the term, the vehicle is handed over to the vehicle fleet, it is examined by specialists and if it meets all the requirements, then the security deposit is returned to the owner on the card or in cash with the same bills that were paid by the tenant.

Why shouldn’t you be afraid of a deposit when renting a car?

Making an advance payment while renting a car is a specific amount of money that is charged for operating a car and not following the rules or in case of damage to the integrity of the property.

It is also worth noting that, according to statistics, only 0.5% of clients pay compensation for non-observance of operating rules or for damage to property.

To be calm and confident in your own actions, you must:

  • read the agreement carefully;
  • find out all the questions about payments;
  • together with the master evaluate the condition of the car and its integrity;
  • be careful on the road and take responsibility other people’s property.

Car rental and making a deposit for it are common things that have been practiced abroad for many years. 

Before depositing funds, it is worth studying the market, choosing a well-known company that has established itself in the market and has a large range of vehicles, such as Toprent – one of the most progressive companies that offers transparent terms of the deal and serviceable cars.