Car rental: choose with or without a deposit?

Car rental: choose with or without a deposit?

The popularity of the car rental service is growing every year. In the age of breakneck speeds, it is important to be mobile in order to have time to implement everything planned. Not a problem if you have given your car for repair. During this time, you can take the car for temporary use. Car rental is arranged for special occasions: a business meeting at the highest level, a wedding, a trip out of town.

Toprent provides a full range of services related to vehicle rental. We recommend that our potential clients sort out the issues related to collateral in advance. What is it for? Can I rent a car without it?

Why is the landlord asking for a deposit?

The procedure for registering a vehicle for temporary use requires compliance with certain obligations from both the company and the client. The lessor is obliged to provide the client with the ordered car in excellent technical condition. The client must return the vehicle in the form in which it was received.

The pledge is a guarantee that the rights of both parties will be protected, and the obligations are fulfilled in full. The agreed amount is blocked in the client’s bank account or transferred to the lessor’s account. It is returned if all the terms of the contract are met Upon final settlement for car rental with a deposit the client pays only for the service.

You should not consider the payment of a security deposit under the prism of complicating the procedure. There are explanations for this:

  • the company that trusts you with the car must be sure that the vehicle will be returned in proper condition;
  • such a measure organizes the driver and makes him more responsible;
  • using a bank card, you can find the driver if he disappeared with the car;
  • collateral is not a whim of the company, but certain guarantees and elementary protection from unscrupulous customers.

The amount of the deposit depends on the policy of the company, the characteristics of the vehicle, the duration of the lease.

Advantages of renting a car without deposit

Clients’ opinions on the collateral amount are different. For some of them, this condition is unacceptable, and they refuse services. According to opinion polls, among drivers and representatives of rental companies, an opinion is formed that posting a deposit is a temporary measure. As the cultural level of drivers increases, the situation on the roads improves, the need for it will gradually disappear.

Service «car rental without collateral» provided by most companies. The fastest possible registration is its main advantage. This form of lease is convenient if you need a car urgently for a short time.

It is important to understand that the cost rent a car without deposit the company invests all possible risks. That is why the total amount is much higher compared to renting a vehicle with a deposit. People who can count will easily notice this.

And yet, renting a car without collateral is convenient in certain life circumstances, and such expenses are absolutely justified. A photo session, a wedding, an urgent business trip – in these situations, there simply may not be free money to pay the security deposit.

Favorable conditions for cooperation with the company Toprent

A wide range of services is one of the conditions for a successful business. Toprent strives to be as helpful to its customers as possible. Our efforts are aimed at attracting new tenants and expanding the circle of regular customers.

We maintain a loyal pricing policy and offer our clients acceptable financial conditions for service registration «car rental with a deposit». Trusting vehicles in excellent technical condition, we hope for understanding and decency on the part of the tenants.

High-quality service provision is the main thing in our work. We always have something to offer, and the choice of a rental system: with or without a deposit is left to you!