Trade-in is a convenient way to purchase a new vehicle

Trade-in is a convenient way to purchase a new vehicle

Every year, new improved vehicle models appear on the car market, which arouse the constant interest of motorists. Changing an old car for a new one is a natural desire of any car owner. Service auto trade-in will significantly speed up the fulfillment of your dreams.

What auto trade-in?

Exchange of a used car for a new one with surcharge is the essence of the trade-in service. Typically, the process of buying a new vehicle starts with selling the old one. This procedure takes a huge amount of time and effort. It makes sense to entrust the sale of a used car to professionals.

Service auto trade-in are provided by many car dealerships. This significantly increases their sales and is a source of additional profit. Exchange of an old car for a new one is fast, convenient and profitable. TopRent is ready to help you.

Requirements for cars that are accepted under the program Trade-in

Car dealerships accept used cars for the purpose of their further sale, they replenish the car fleet of companies that lease vehicles. Machine selection criteria:

  • technical condition;
  • liquidity of the model;
  • the age of the car;
  • appearance;
  • documents.

Excellent technical condition of the car is the main condition if you decide to use the exchange program. The specialists of the salon receiving the car carry out a thorough diagnostics and assessment.

Models that are popular with drivers have a higher chance of being traded. They willingly accept cars no older than 10 years. Appearance is the first thing the evaluator will pay attention to. There should be no scratches or dents on the surface. It is undesirable for the body to be repainted.

Particular attention is paid to documents. Any inaccuracies in the design are a reason for refusing the vehicle’s participation in the program auto trade-in. The exchange registration procedure is accelerated for cars that are deregistered. For machines with registration, an additional forensic analysis is carried out. If there is any suspicion about the owner, the documents for the car, the salon specialists have the right to contact the law enforcement agencies.

Service auto trade-in available for cars of any class. In this case, the range of the salon or the company that implements vehicle exchange programs matters.

Service benefits trade-in

Drivers who have used the car exchange program note the following benefits:

  • Saving time. It is quite possible to make a deal in 4 hours. It is enough for the driver to drive the old car and pick up a new one after expert assessment. When carrying out the necessary measures, the presence of the driver is not at all necessary. All questions are solved by the specialists of the company that provides the service auto trade-in
  • Saving money on car repairs, placing ads for sale, renting a place in the car market.
  • Saving time. People who are engaged in business simply do not have extra time to stand on the market, show cars to potential buyers at a convenient time for them.

Car value estimation

This is an important question for vehicle owners. The amount of surcharge for a new car depends on this. The cost of a vehicle that is 10-30% lower than the market price is the main disadvantage of the service auto trade-in.

Understating the cost of a vehicle by an appraiser is justified, because the salon will have to invest money to prepare the car for sale. None of the companies will operate at a loss.The limited choice of new car models for which you can change a used vehicle is another disadvantage of the system. Analyze all the pros and cons. You will have to choose between saving money and nerves. If you do not have personal time and want to quickly purchase a new car – service auto trade-in exactly what you need!