Benefits of long-term car rental

Benefits of long-term car rental

The issue of renting a vehicle is considered by many modern citizens who value mobility above all and do not want to depend on the schedule of public transport. Recently, such a service has become popular, as long-term car rental, attracting the attention of both individuals and legal entities.

The need for long-term car rental occurs in individuals under various circumstances:

  • in the event of a breakdown of a personal vehicle, its stay at a service station, whose specialists declare about a long repair;
  • if your own funds are not enough to purchase a new car, and the purchase of an old used car at an acceptable cost is categorically rejected;
  • during a long-term working visit Abroad, eg, in Europe, or traveling across the European continent.

There is a category of drivers who do not accept the use of vehicles in winter conditions, when the highways are too often covered with snow, and the risk of accidents increases due to frequent icy conditions. These are the drivers who prefer to issue long term car rental from spring to autumn.


Why so attracts customers long-term car rental? This service comes with a number of advantages:

  • registration in fast mode with the need to submit a minimum package of documents;
  • a wide range of offers, thanks to which it is possible to choose a car that matches your financial capabilities;
  • accessiblelong-term car rental cost in Kyev and beyond;
  • car maintenance is carried out by the rental company, so you do not have to be in search of specialists if there are any technical problems;
  • if necessary, the company can additionally equip the car with the necessary means (child car seats, monitors);
  • cars are provided in a technically sound condition, so there is no need to worry about the mileage of the car, about the probable wear of components.

An example of calculating the cost of a long-term lease

To calculate the cost of the service long term car rental several nuances:

  • how much is supposed to be long -term car rental (the number of days or months is calculated);
  • car brand;
  • class of the rented car;
  • whether it will be framed rent a car with a driver for a long term or the vehicle is rented for personal driving.

The specific cost can be obtained by communicating with the specialists of the company providing the services long-term car rental. However, we share tips, for the rental to be as profitable as possible, it is better to consider options for using the car for at least one month.

Let’s consider an example. Our company TopRent provides an opportunity to arrange long-term car rental Toyota Corolla 2018 at the following prices:

  • for a period from 2 to 3 days – $ 50;
  • for a period from 4 to 9 days – $ 45;
  • from 10 to 29 days – $ 40;
  • 30 days and more – $ 33.

As a result, you can calculate that when registering long-term car rental Save $ 510 for at least one month. If the lease is for several months, the savings amount to several thousand US dollars.